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Signs and Symptoms of Depression


Parents’ descriptions of Depression on Sleuth fit into five topic areas:

  1. Depressed Responses

    Defined by these four signs and behaviors: Loss or lack of appetite, Headaches, Frequent crying, and Unwillingness to go out.

  2. Dim Outlook

    Defined by these six signs and behaviors: Sleeping a lot, Feeling hopeless, Low motivation, Quietness, Lack of interest, and Low self-esteem / lack of self-confidence.

  3. Sadness, Anxiety, and Irritability

    Defined by these six signs and behaviors: Sadness, Keeping alone (keeping to self), Anxiety, Being irritable, Angry behavior, and Mood swings.

  4. Self-Harm

    Defined by these three signs and behaviors: Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts, and Cutting (self).

  5. Sleep and Energy

    Defined by these two signs and behaviors: Fatigue, tiredness, or lethargy and Trouble sleeping or insomnia.

All Signs & Symptoms of Depression

Here are the top symptoms or behaviors listed by parents of kids diagnosed with Depression:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
SadnessOften38 mentions
Keeping alone (keeping to self)Often28 mentions
Frequent cryingOften17 mentions
CryingOften14 mentions
Sleeping a lotSometimes10 mentions
Suicidal thoughtsSometimes9 mentions
Angry behaviorSometimes7 mentions
Self-harmSometimes7 mentions
AnxietySometimes6 mentions
Fatigue, tiredness, or lethargySometimes6 mentions

When do symptoms start?

How to read this chart

Change in symptoms of Depression*

What happens to common Depression symptoms over time?

SymptomWorseA Little WorseStayed About the SameA Little BetterBetterCompletely Resolved
Keeping alone (keeping to self)0%3.8%19.2%30.8%46.2%0%
Frequent crying5.9%5.9%5.9%47.1%29.4%5.9%
Sleeping a lot11.1%11.1%22.2%33.3%22.2%0%
Suicidal thoughts12.5%25%12.5%25%25%0%
Angry behavior14.3%0%0%14.3%57.1%14.3%
Fatigue, tiredness, or lethargy0%0%16.7%50%16.7%16.7%
Low motivation0%0%16.7%16.7%66.7%0%

Conditions with similar symptoms to Depression

Parents also mention the behaviors, signs, and symptoms associated with Depression when they describe these conditions:

Discussion of Depression

What was your approach to Depression? What were the results?