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Sleuth was born out of frustration and hope.

Frustration from spending endless hours scouring the Internet to get clues about our children’s symptoms. Frustration from not knowing what to do even after getting a doctor’s diagnosis.

And hope because we found other parents on similar journeys; they became our lifelines. People, like us, whom we turned to for everything from what our life will look like in the future to what therapies work best.

But it was hard to always find someone with the right experience to help. And, if you can’t find your crew, it can become very lonely to figure out how to navigate your child’s health.

And so, Sehreen and Alex, both parents and experienced technology executives, wondered: What if parents could share their own experiences with exactly the people who need them without sacrificing their privacy? What if a parent could get next step advice from thousands of parents’ collective wisdom?

Sleuth is an ambitious endeavor. It requires parents to share openly with each other for the sake of our children - especially ones with atypical development - who deserve better, much better.

We chose the name Sleuth for obvious reasons. But sleuth also means a family of bears. We’re excited to have you join this sleuth to care for our cubs.

Together, we will find answers from parents like you, for children like yours.

Sehreen + Alex

Please use Sleuth responsibly.Content and stories on hellosleuth.com are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


We’re called “Sleuth” to reflect parents who persist in the hunt for better information. But “Sleuth” also means a family of bears. We like that.

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