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Change in diet


3.9 of 5 | 16 ratings

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Sleuth Community Rating for Change in diet


3.9 of 5 | 16 ratings

  • 13.3% (2)
  • 66.7% (10)
  • 13.3% (2)
  • 6.7% (1)
  • 0% (0)

Typical Starting Age for for Change in diet

How to read this chart

Parents try Change in diet for these kids’ conditions:

ConditionFrequencyNumber of mentions
Weight gainOften3 mentions
AnemiaOften2 mentions
Celiac diseaseOften2 mentions
ConstipationOften2 mentions
DiabetesOften2 mentions
Gluten intoleranceOften2 mentions
AcneOften1 mention
VitiligoOften1 mention
Weight lossOften1 mention

Discussion of Change in diet

What was your approach to Change in diet? What were the results?