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Racing thoughts

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The picture shows results for three topics: difficulty calming down with a score of 78 (Slightly High), tantrums or metldowns with a score of 40 (Typical) and crying with a score of 8 (Low)

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How severe are your child's racing thoughts?

(designed for kids 2 years or older)

Other symptoms or behaviors to look for with Racing thoughts

When parents mention Racing thoughts they also mention these other symptoms:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
Anxiety in social situationsOften1 mention
Difficulty paying attentionOften1 mention
NervousnessOften1 mention
Shyness or social anxietyOften1 mention
Unusual fears or phobiasOften1 mention

Characteristics of Racing thoughts

How common is Racing thoughts?

Across kids of all ages represented on Sleuth, 19.03% of parents surveyed by Sleuth say their kids have Racing thoughts.

Percentage of kids with Racing thoughts by year of age


This is based on a survey of 536 children on Sleuth. The plot shows the percentage of parents who rated their child’s Racing thoughts “Moderate”, “Severe”, or “Very Severe” among kids in different age groups.


SeverityPercent of ChildrenTotal Mentions
Very Severe


13 mentions


20 mentions


69 mentions


78 mentions
Not at All


356 mentions

Discussion of Racing thoughts

What was your approach to Racing thoughts? What were the results?