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Light-colored patches of skin

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The picture shows results for three topics: difficulty calming down with a score of 78 (Slightly High), tantrums or metldowns with a score of 40 (Typical) and crying with a score of 8 (Low)

Other symptoms or behaviors to look for with Light-colored patches of skin

When parents mention Light-colored patches of skin they also mention these other symptoms:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
DepressionOften1 mention

Characteristics of Light-colored patches of skin

How common is Light-colored patches of skin?

Across kids of all ages represented on Sleuth, 11.2% of parents surveyed by Sleuth say their kids have Light-colored patches of skin.

Percentage of kids with Light-colored patches of skin by year of age


This is based on a survey of 491 children on Sleuth. The plot shows the percentage of parents who rated their child’s Light-colored patches of skin “Moderate”, “Severe”, or “Very Severe” among kids in different age groups.


SeverityPercent of ChildrenTotal Mentions
Very Severe


9 mentions


14 mentions


32 mentions


37 mentions
Not at All


397 mentions

Discussion of Light-colored patches of skin

What was your approach to Light-colored patches of skin? What were the results?