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Other symptoms or behaviors to look for with Agitation

When parents mention Agitation they also mention these other symptoms:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
Angry behaviorOften2 mentions
Being irritableOften1 mention
CoughingOften1 mention
Difficulty with schoolworkOften1 mention
Fatigue, tiredness, or lethargyOften1 mention
Generally upsetOften1 mention
IrritabilityOften1 mention
Low grades in schoolOften1 mention
Shortness of breathOften1 mention
Shortness of breath or trouble breathingOften1 mention

Percentage of kids with Agitation by year of age


Care of Agitation

Less common approaches...

1Medication (prescription)
Very Positive4.5 of 5
Read 2 comments
2Therapy / Counseling
Very Positive4.5 of 5
Read 2 comments
3Medication (general)
Positive4.3 of 5
Read 0 comments
Positive4 of 5
Read 0 comments
5Behavioral therapy
Neutral3 of 5
Read 0 comments

Discussion of Agitation

What was your approach to Agitation? What were the results?