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Abdominal pain

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Other symptoms or behaviors to look for with Abdominal pain

When parents mention Abdominal pain they also mention these other symptoms:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
DiarrheaOften5 mentions
NauseaOften2 mentions
Upset stomachOften2 mentions
Bloated stomachOften1 mention
HivesOften1 mention
Loss or lack of appetiteOften1 mention
VomitingOften1 mention
Watery stoolOften1 mention

Percentage of kids with Abdominal pain by year of age


Care of Abdominal pain

Less common approaches...

1Antibiotics (unspecified)
Very Positive5 of 5
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2Blood work
Very Positive5 of 5
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Discussion of Abdominal pain

What was your approach to Abdominal pain? What were the results?