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Male / 13 years & 6 months

Share the first part of K's story for readers on Sleuth! When and why did you start to feel concerned?

Keith was a good baby. He met all his milestones early; he was rolling over, crawling and walked at 8 months. The area he lagged in was speech. Around 6 months, I noticed he wasn’t doing any babbling. He started having chronic ear infections and had tubes placed in his ears at about 9 months so I attributed that to his slow developing speech. His speech began to pick up at about 18 months. He started stringing words together and talking in short sentences. He was interested in other children and would play with neighborhood kids. His father is in the military and deployed right before K’s 2nd birthday. Towards the end of the deployment Keith began losing words, he stopped talking and developed what I called gibberish, non-verbal noises he would make constantly replaced language. He stopped being interested in other kids, the friends he used to play with, he stopped interacting and talking with them and stopped making eye contact. It was very confusing and concerning for me so I referred him to early intervention for an evaluation.

Social issues / Restricted social interaction observed

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