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Sleuth is in testing. Important info here.

We’re testing Sleuth now. Please use Sleuth cautiously:

  1. Sleuth may contain inaccurate information during this testing phase. The information in Sleuth’s site and mobile app has been extensively reviewed but that does not mean it is 100% accurate. In fact, we make frequent corrections and have a list of critical fixes in process.

    If you find an error or have a suggestion, please email us at We read every message and we are very grateful for your suggestions.

  2. Sleuth may contain bugs. In the process of testing Sleuth, we have found and fixed dozens of issues (buttons that don’t work as expected, etc.). That is normal for new software for this complexity. We expect to find more issues in the coming months (and to create some new ones).

    To be clear: Sleuth is built with extensive and sophisticated software testing. We are doing our absolute best, but we expect early adopters of Sleuth to find issues. Report bugs or product fixes to:

Why launch now if it isn’t perfect?

  • Sleuth depends on public feedback to improve. We need to see how parents use Sleuth to understand where to focus our attention. We’re curious what topics you are interested in, what types of data you find helpful to capture, and what additional features you would like.

    You can always send observations or advice to us at

    Sleuth is an ongoing project to make your data useful (to you and others). We’re built to collect information from parents and make it searchable and analyzable. But making your information in Sleuth valuable and rewarding for you is an enormous challenge. We’re looking forward to working with you on Sleuth for the coming months and years.

We’re so excited to make Sleuth into an essential resource for parents. And, we expect to get there through the advice of the many people who appreciate our mission and share their reactions.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please sign up here to be a product tester.