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Ear infections

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Signs and Symptoms of Ear infections

All Signs & Symptoms of Ear infections

Here are the top symptoms or behaviors listed by parents of kids diagnosed with Ear infections:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
FeverOften11 mentions
EarachesOften4 mentions
Frequent cryingOften3 mentions
Fussiness (being fussy)Often3 mentions
Trouble sleeping or insomniaOften3 mentions
Being irritableOften2 mentions
CoughingOften2 mentions
CryingOften2 mentions
IrritabilityOften2 mentions
Physical painOften2 mentions

When do symptoms start?

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Change in symptoms of Ear infections*

What happens to common Ear infections symptoms over time?

SymptomWorseA Little WorseStayed About the SameA Little BetterBetterCompletely Resolved
Frequent crying0%0%0%0%0%100%
Fussiness (being fussy)0%0%0%0%33.3%66.7%
Trouble sleeping or insomnia0%0%0%0%66.7%33.3%
Being irritable0%0%0%0%0%100%
Physical pain0%0%50%0%0%50%

Conditions with similar symptoms to Ear infections

Parents also mention the behaviors, signs, and symptoms associated with Ear infections when they describe these conditions:

Discussion of Ear infections

What was your approach to Ear infections? What were the results?