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Signs and Symptoms of Autism

All Signs & Symptoms of Autism

Here are the top symptoms or behaviors listed by parents of kids diagnosed with Autism:

SymptomFrequencyNumber of mentions
Not making eye contactOften70 mentions
Delayed speech or language developmentOften52 mentions
Non-verbal (not able to use words)Often52 mentions
Sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)Often43 mentions
Repetitive movement or behaviorSometimes38 mentions
Not talkingSometimes37 mentions
Limited (or lack of) social skillsSometimes27 mentions
Developmental delays (behind on expected milestones)Sometimes23 mentions
Lack of social skillsSometimes20 mentions
Rocking body back and forthSometimes19 mentions

When do symptoms start?

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Change in symptoms of Autism*

What happens to common Autism symptoms over time?

SymptomWorseA Little WorseStayed About the SameA Little BetterBetterCompletely Resolved
Not making eye contact6%10.4%22.4%34.3%23.9%3%
Non-verbal (not able to use words)5.9%15.7%19.6%31.4%27.5%0%
Delayed speech or language development0%10%6%40%42%2%
Sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)4.7%9.3%18.6%30.2%34.9%2.3%
Not talking2.7%8.1%21.6%37.8%27%2.7%
Repetitive movement or behavior2.9%5.7%22.9%28.6%37.1%2.9%
Limited (or lack of) social skills0%18.5%14.8%25.9%40.7%0%
Developmental delays (behind on expected milestones)9.1%18.2%13.6%31.8%27.3%0%
Lack of social skills0%20%5%40%35%0%
Rocking body back and forth0%21.1%21.1%36.8%21.1%0%

Conditions with similar symptoms to Autism

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Discussion of Autism

What was your approach to Autism? What were the results?