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CAChild’s Journey

Share the first part of CAChild's story for readers on Sleuth! When and why did you start to feel concerned?

It literally began on a Monday, my son was feeling weird. Unfortunately he is non-verbal so we had a difficult time knowing what he felt. On Monday around noon it began. He was crying and it was not for any of the basic reasons so we thought he was just having a bad day. In the evening is when it really began, a really high fever got ahold of him and no medicine helped bring it down. His fever went up to 103, he was severely dehydrated and had loss of appetite. He started getting weak and was tired all the time. We were able to control it with wet towels and a lukewarm bath. It would go away for a few minutes and then back up, we gave him Tylenol and Motrin but it barely scraped the surface of bringing it down.

What was your experience, if any, seeking a diagnosis or treatment?

We took him to urgent care and they did nothing, then we took him to the ER but they gave him Motrin, did a COVID test and sent him home. We called his doctor several times but she thought it was a viral or bacterial infection. After the third day, we just took him straight to the ER and they ran all sorts of tests on him. It was crazy and traumatizing for him. On Friday the 5th of February, my husband took our son to the urgent care but was sent to primary care since he wasn’t two at the time. They ran blood tests, urine tests, pretty much anything they can think of. When the results came back, he was sent directly to the ER since he tested positive for COVID after three days. That’s where a doctor confirmed my son had MIS-C after seeing his blood test results. It was misdiagnosed because we thought it could’ve been a growth spurt or viral/bacterial infection. We didn’t know the cause of the fever even tho we had taken him to the doctor and had called his pediatrician several times.

Do you have any other thoughts or advice you would like to share from this experience?

If your child has a fever that won’t go down, don’t wait!! Take them straight to the hospital after the second day of fever. My son had this and if we hadn’t trusted our instincts, I believe we would’ve lost him. Please people, wear a mask and don’t be going out unless it’s necessary. They told my husband that in the blood results they can see if the organs are affected. Also an ultrasound can also help see if the organs are inflamed. The heart usually swells up and so does the liver. When the parents take their child to the ER, i recommend them to request an ultrasound just in case.


Below is a timeline of CAChild’s observed symptoms, diagnosed conditions, and treatments and therapies.

CAChild's Medical Notes

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