Female / 10 years & 10 months


Below is a timeline of Pawishhh’s observed symptoms, diagnosed conditions, and treatments and therapies.

Pawishhh’s Notes

Signs & Symptoms


Neck pain,red blood eyes,fever higher than 100.0,stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rash

Sign or Symptom
At 9 years & 1 month
Very Mild


Observed at 9 years & 1 month

Frequency: 76's parent isn't sure

Very Mild


MISC is not a joke out children’s are affected by covid in many ways they are resilient but also not all kids have had a chance to survive this syndrome we are one of the lucky ones and gratefully we have Paris with us today thankfull for the team of doctors who treated her and the doctor who diagnose her.I owed them my life.

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