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S.’s Journey

Share the first part of S.'s story for readers on Sleuth! When and why did you start to feel concerned?

After the age of two, these was a gradual regression in his speech development. He began to gradually loose his ability to say the alphabet and numbers as he used to and slowly began replacing his words with grunting sounds. This later became associated with repetitive flapping of the hands and repeating the same you tube kid video over and over again.

What was your experience, if any, seeking a diagnosis or treatment?

Initially over a period of 6-8 months, the diagnosis of Autism was dismissed and no one really said he had it until I found a neurodevelopment pediatrician myself and booked an appointment. It was only then that I was given then diagnosis.

Do you have any other thoughts or advice you would like to share from this experience?

Early diagnosis is key and watch for loss of words. Sometimes it will be subtle and we dismiss it as the child just being too young.


Below is a timeline of S.’s observed symptoms, diagnosed conditions, and treatments and therapies.

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On Melatonin

He has issues sleeping at night due to his hyperactivity. Also wakes up in the middle of the night frequently.

On Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Initially, I felt it helped slow down his regression, but then I feel we are back to square one...especially with the COVID pandemic that has affected his routine flow in learning.

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