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Hello! My son is ³³ months & not speaking! At the turn of 1yr old he was saying around or little less than 10 words! All of the sudden he started sucking his lip & stopped talking altogether.. We thought it was bc he sucked his lip but as time went on he still isn't talking! He babbles more than anything . I need help! My eldest son didn't talk as well until he was 3yr old.. I'm thinking he's following his footsteps but I'm really not sure bc my youngest son do other things that Hannover been done! As far as playing on his poop occasionally amongst other things.. He cries for absolutely everything he wants and points to everything! I'm not a big talker & his father was recently killed please help

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The Dr want to put him in speech therapy but it was in 2020 when covid was rampant & the meetings were only on zoom which wasn't working out so me & his Dad decided it wasn't needed! Now. I will be going back to the doctor & following whatever plan they will have for us as long as it's face to face

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