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Roro’s Journey

Share the first part of Roro's story for readers on Sleuth! When and why did you start to feel concerned?

Ronan is non verbal. He did develop some speech around 2 and then promptly lost it all. He’s always been physically way ahead so we tended to get ignored about concerns but have finally been able to get a diagnosis and therapy.

What was your experience, if any, seeking a diagnosis or treatment?

We see a developmental pediatrician and psychologist. We also have speech, OT and ABA. We’ve talked to a ton of people going through the same diagnosis for advice as well

Do you have any other thoughts or advice you would like to share from this experience?

It’s a daily struggle to advocate and make sure your kid gets what they need!


Below is a timeline of Roro’s observed symptoms, diagnosed conditions, and treatments and therapies.

Roro's Medical Notes

Signs & Symptoms

Non verbal


Diagnosed Conditions

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