G's Son

G's Son

Male / 5 years & 11 months

G's Son’s Journey

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When my son was newborn (a day or two old) he had what I know believe to be spasms. I videoed it and showed the doctor, and I was told it was startle reflex. Nearly six years down the line, my son has cognitive and language delay and motor stereotypies. He is waiting to be assessed for autism, but nobody seems to be able to put their finger on the cause of his issues. He is very sociable and has great eye contact, and apparently has some traits of autism, but also traits that don’t fit the autism diagnosis. I’ve been treating him biomedically for the last three years, and he is making good progress. He attends mainstream school, with a full-time one-to-one assistant to support him. Obviously I want the best outcome for him, and don’t want to miss anything.

What was your experience, if any, seeking a diagnosis or treatment?

We’re in the UK and apparently he doesn’t qualify for OT, as he’s not struggling with one specific skill 🙄 He has a speech therapist that tells his one-to-one assistant what to work on with him, but she only gets involved every few months. I have him on a g/f, d/f, corn free, soy free diet and various supplements we had some genetic testing done. They did a microarray test, which showed ‘normal male’. No genetic issues detected on that test, although I’m sure there’s other testing that could be done.

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