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Wheezing Issues

Wheezing Issues

When she was nine months old, Ellie had a particularly strong wheeze while breathing in. It seemed to be worse when she got excited.

Her daycare teachers first identified it on a Friday, but said they were not concerned. Nevertheless, we took her to the ER over the weekend to be cautious. Our main concern (as well as the doctors' at the E.R.) was that some object could have gotten lodged in her throat during Halloween. At the E.R., they did x-rays of her chest and then a direct fiber-optic laryngoscopy (sticking a small cable down her nose to inspect her parts of her throat near her larynx. The x-rays and laryngoscopy didn't turn up anything.

The most likely theory was that this wheezing was croup, an upper airway infection. The E.R. tested for a wide range of viruses, which all came up negative, but croup was still the best guess. The recommended treatment was mainly a humidifier and normal recovery.

Ellie received a steroid at the E.R. which was also supposed to help her breathe if this was croup.

Her pediatrician saw her a few days later, and concluded that since she seemed slightly better (and definitely not worse), we should hold off further investigations - a trip to the ear, nose, and throat doctor and possibly a bronchoscopy - to see if she continued to improve. The pediatrician also thought the wheezing was very likely to be croup.


Ellie’s Journey

Share the first part of Ellie's story for readers on Sleuth! When and why did you start to feel concerned?

Ellie had her first seeming allergic reaction when she was eating a mix of apple, carrot, and ginger baby food (from a company called Little Spoon that we still like and recommend). She had apples and carrots and ginger separately in the past. But this time, she ate more than the usual amount of the baby food during a trip to the park with her nanny.

What was your experience, if any, seeking a diagnosis or treatment?

Our pediatrician looked at a photo of the rash. She asked if the rash had spread from her face to other parts of her body. (It did not). She also asked how quickly the rash went away. (It went away about 20 - 30 minutes after it appeared). The pediatrician told us that if we had never seen an allergic reaction to the individual food ingredients, the rash might have been caused by the acid from the food touching Ellie's face. She said that babies faces are very sensitive and this would not be surprising. Her recommendation was to watch Ellie closely next time we feed her apple, carrot, or ginger. She did not recommend that we see an allergist. We have some other theories about the cause of the rash: - We spoke to a relative who was a senior nurse who treated children for many years. She suggested that the rash could actually be caused by the high quantity of beta-carotene in the carrot. - Ellie's mother has two relatives that get yellow skin as a reaction to carrot, so it seems like some allergy might run in our family. Her dad (me) also gets a headache from eating carrot, of all things. - We also think this might be a heat rash, since it was pretty hot outside that day.

Do you have any other thoughts or advice you would like to share from this experience?

This is just an update: Following our pediatrician's advice, we carefully tried feeding her the food again. This time, there was no reaction! We'll have to continue watching for those symptoms again.


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On Dibya Subedi

We love and highly recommend Dr. Subedi. She is very thorough, very patient answering questions, and clearly takes the time to get to know Ellie. We have found her advice to be consistently sound - and cautious without being overly invasive. Ellie enjoys going to see her. We have seen a number of pediatricians through a few medical practices on the Upper East Side. We got Ellie a membership with One Medical specifically to work with Dr. Subedi.

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