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Where parents find and share the nitty-gritty answers for kids’ health and development.

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Why choose Sleuth?

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    Track the ups and downs of your child’s journey

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    Discuss & share observations with other parents

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    Discover benchmarks for your biggest concerns

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    Get results from 62,000 parents’ reports

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    Start anytime from birth to 17 years old

Let Sleuth guide you

From eye contact to teenage rebellion, and headaches to energy levels

  • See your child’s mind, body, and social progress

  • Answer one-minute quizzes on 285 topics: tantrums, sleep, eating, speech, colds + more

  • Find more than 1,000 pages of doctor-reviewed advice

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Get clear answers

  • Discover your child’s scores on every topic

  • Explore forecasts about what to expect

  • Read discussions and contribute anonymously

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Track anything for your child

  • Log any symptom, behavior, treatment, and program

    No event is too small. Attach notes, photos, videos, and timing.

  • Record your child’s growth and milestones

    Capture every new word, growth, & progress.

  • You control your privacy.

    Your account is hidden unless you choose to share anonymous data.

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What parents who use the Sleuth App say

Avatar of Mother of two in Menlo Park, CA

It's just amazing that you took a pretty hard moment for parents and are turning it into something so useful. No comments, no questions, just encouragement. I hope I have helped in some way.

Mother of two in Menlo Park, CA

Avatar of DK, Mother of two in NYC

The whole process from a parental point of view is isolating. There’s that stigma around it. Who can you talk to? We depend on word of mouth from people who are facing similar challenges. I think that's a big part of this story.

DK, Mother of two in NYC

Avatar of Donia, Mother in of two in FL

Really, it has been other parents that have helped me to figure out this world. They have suggested treatments. They have suggested surgeries. They have told me things I should ask doctors about when I didn't know as much. And now… I find myself answering questions for others.

Donia, Mother in of two in FL

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Sleuth’s Mission

Sleuth’s mission is to be the first place every parent goes for non-emergency concerns about children’s health and development.

We use information that only parents and caretakers can provide. Parents are the glue who connect schools, doctors, therapists, and local kids’ programs. Parents, families, and caretakers are the ones who provide day-to-day child care. The value of this highly specialized experience, multiplied across tens of millions of parents, is our guiding light.

Sleuth uses Artificial Intelligence to create the world’s most advanced map of parents’ written text. We’re just starting, but the more information parents volunteer to share, the better our system gets.

By 2024, our goal is to have contributions from over 100,000 parents. Download Sleuth’s app and select “Join In (Share Anonymously)” during sign-up to build Sleuth with us.

Photo of Sleuth's Founders